Sub-Rack / Card Frame
Instrument Cases
for Table Top Instruments
19" Rack Mountable Instruments
Enclosed in the fist of hard-work, is the perfection of technology. Combining the constant urge to attempt and achieve victory with the expertise of technology and production, SPM is an entity that is enclosingS ‘perfection’ in each of the products it manufactures...
Struggle; Persistence; Excellence; The blend leads to...

Salient Features of the Products:-

  • Supplied complete with Front / Rear, Top / Bottom & Base Plate
    (Component mounting tray / chassis).
  • All aluminium panels & profiles
  • All profiles with natural anodized finish
  • Aluminium extrusion based modular construction
  • All parts die fabricated for interchangeability and easy assembly
  • Choice of more than 100 sizes
Manufacturers & Suppliers of
Sub Rack
Aluminium Cabinet
Instrument Enclosure
Sheet Metal Cabinet
Card Frame
Modular Cabinet
DIN Rack
DIN cabinet
Instrument case
Rack Mountable Cabinet
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