Sub-Rack / Card Frame
Instrument Cases
for Table Top Instruments
19" Rack Mountable Instruments

About Us

SPM Electronics and Systems is a manufacturing unit that undertakes production of Instrument Cases. The company specializes in All-Aluminium Instrument cases which have been as a Professional packing solution for Table Top and 19” Rack Mountable equipment.


In fact, SPM is among the very few manufacturers all over the nation who deal in all-aluminum modular instrument cases.


Situated in Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, the factory set-up of SPM enjoys the industrial excellence of the premises and fulfills the varied demands of customers from all over the country.


With the dealerships in the flourishing industrial market of Chennai and a strong foundation in Delhi, it is only predictable that we have a list of loyal clientele in metro cities like Kolkota and Mumbai.


SPM possesses extensive technical proficiency that the company has acquired in more than a decade’s existence.
The company took birth in 1994 in National Capital Territory of Delhi and after continuing to satisfy a large number of industrial houses, electrical manufacturers, for their Instrument Case demands, it is spreading network in Gujarat.


A completely functional office and factory set-up, to broaden the reach of “Perfection” to every sector, is now in Gandhinagar, Gujarat where SPM proudly manufactures a wide range of Instrument Cases (more than 100 sizes).